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Edited Books

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Berlin: Broken Dimanche Press. 2016     

Book Chapters

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Journal Articles
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Conference Papers

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Catalogue Essays

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Convener and Coordinator of Conferences/ Symposiums  

Breen Lovett and Mathew Aitchison. "Culture of Innovation" Building 4.0 CRC Annual Conference 2023

Breen Lovett and Mathew Aitchison. "Annual Showcase" Building 4.0 CRC 2023

Breen Lovett and Mathew Aitchison. "Change Making, Making Change" Building 4.0 CRC Annual Conference 2022

Breen Lovett and Mathew Aitchison. "Annual Showcase" Building 4.0 CRC 2022

Mathew Aitchison and Sarah Breen Lovett. “ADR18” University of Sydney. 2018   

Dagmar Reinhardt, Major Niemela, Sarah Breen Lovett and Rachel Couper. “RobArch 2016” University of Sydney. 2016             

Breen Lovett and Claudia Perren. “Expanded Architecture: Temporal Spatial Practices” Museum of Sydney and Sydney Architecture Festival. 2014

Breen Lovett and Claudia Perren. “Reverse Projections Symposium” The Rocks Pop Up Space, Sydney Architecture Festival. 2013    

Breen Lovett and HDR Cohort. “Research Visions” Sydney: University of Sydney. 2010-2013

Breen Lovett and Louise Mackenzie. “Cinecity Discussion Panel” at Melbourne Convention Centre: National Architecture Conference. 2011

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